M. Soundariya Preetha

Rs. 30-crore plant to be relocated at Hindupur

Machinery expected to arrive by June-endTotal cost of the Super Sara unit is Rs. 46 cr.Spindle capacity will increase to two lakh

COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore-based Super Spinning Mills has purchased the textile spinning plant of Turkey's Abalioglu Group.

Super Spinning inked a deal with the group last month and the first phase of machinery shipment from the Turkey plant is expected to arrive by June-end. The ring frames (Rieter-made 1997 to 2001 models), blow room, humidification and winding plants from the acquired plant will be installed at Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh.

The Managing Director of Super Spinning Mills, Sumanth Ramamurthy, said the total project cost of the new plant (unit Super Sara) was Rs. 46 crore. This included machinery purchase from the Turkey plant at Rs. 30 crore.


Super Spinning had purchased 95 acres at Hindupur and the entire installation would be completed by November-end. The mill planned to add another 24,000 spindles (from domestic machinery manufacturers) to its Super Sara unit by the end of 2007 at a total cost of Rs. 40 crore.

The mill would have totally two lakh spindles by the end of 2007-08. At present, it has 1.35 lakh spindles.

Mr. Ramamurthy said the cost of the used machines worked out to Rs. 3,000 less a spindle as compared to a new project of equivalent technology.

"We have to expand to meet the current demand for yarn," said K. R. Seethapathy, Executive Director of Super Spinning Mills. The mill now produced about 70,000 kg of yarn a day and this would go up by 10,000 kg with the commissioning of the Super Sara unit.