Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The General Insurance Officers All India Association, affiliated to the Indian National Trade Union Congress, got eligibility for recognition in United India Insurance Company and National Insurance Company in a referendum held on April 18, 2006.

Association State general secretary P.P. Mohan said here recently that 20 per cent was the benchmark for recognition in each category. The United India Insurance Officers Association, National Insurance Officers Association, Oriental Insurance Officers Association and New India Officers Association also got eligibility for recognition in their respective companies.

As in the first referendum held on March 22, 2004, this time also the General Insurance Employees All India Association led by Gurudasdas Gupta, president, and N.D. Sundaresan, general secretary, maintained its supremacy among Class 111 and IV employees. The All India Insurance Employees Association, which is in the second position, also got eligibility for recognition.

In New India Assurance Company, the National Federation of General Insurance Employees (NFGIE) is the only union which got eligibility for recognition in the Class 111 and IV categories. In Class I and Class II categories also, the NFGIE is qualified in New India Assurance Company.

Bharathiya Vima Karmachari Sena, owing allegiance to the Shiv Sena, got eligibility in New India Assurance Company in Class I and Class II categoriesAs per the system, the annual subscription of the unions/associations will be deducted by the management from the employees' salary and they will give the same to the respective organisations for which the employees have voted for. This is a method for reducing the number of unions in the industry.