Special Correspondent

Economist Suresh Tendulkar assumes Chairmanship of the panel

NEW DELHI: The National Statistical Commission, headed by economist Suresh D. Tendulkar, began operations on Wednesday with statutory backing with the objective of tiding over the problems being faced by statistical agencies hitherto in collection of data.

Speaking to newspersons here after assuming the chairmanship of the commission, Prof. Tendulkar said: "Earlier, statistical agencies like CSO [Central Statistical Organisation] and NSS [National Sample Survey] used to face a lot of problems in collecting data from State governments and Central government departments, but an autonomous body like the NSC would be able to coordinate things in a better manner as a statutory status would lend it teeth.'' The National Statistical Commission, he said, would lay special emphasis on ensuring collection of unbiased data so as to restore public trust in the figures released by the Government.

Even while conceding that it would be difficult to ensure unbiased figures as the sources of data collection would still be the same, he said: "We will certainly certify the figures.''