CHENNAI: ITC Welcomgroup, the flagship hotels division of ITC, was adjudged the best employer in Asia in the hospitality sector by the global human resources consulting and outsourcing firm, Hong Kong, Hewitt Associates, in partnership with Wall Street Journal.

In a study, which covered eight markets, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, ITC Welcomgroup got the distinction of being one of the best employers in Asia. Hewitt Associates, named five Hotels in Asia Pacific as the regional “Best” following the evaluation by an independent judging panel in February in Hong Kong. Interestingly while the other four hotels (part of international chains) have found a mention as single hotels, the award for Welcomgroup has been bestowed upon the entire chain.

Understanding what drives employee behaviour during these economically difficult times is critical to business success. The three major areas of focus, highlighted by the study, as the visible drivers among the chosen best employers include relentless execution of programmes, persistent empowerment of managers and highly efficient HR functions.

The study received inputs from over two million people, says Smita Anand, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Hewitt.