COIMBATORE: ABT Ltd., the goods transport operator, is re-entering the passenger transport operations sector. The then Anamallais Bus Transport Ltd. had a fleet of 150 buses operating in 110 routs around the Coimbatore region when it exited the sector.

According to M. Manickam, Managing Director, ABT, the company planned to operate 200 buses by 2010. It would start with four buses in October and add four a month to own a fleet of 12 buses by December, initially connecting Chennai, Coimbatore and Pollachi.

These would be luxury buses with the focus on comfort and safety. The seats would have safety belts. In three months, the company would also start offering package tours, Mr. Manickam said in a release.

The buses would be equipped with global positioning systems(GPS) which were also being fitted on to the company's goods transport fleet. Mr. Manickam said the company hoped to link 40-45 destinations.