Anand Parthasarathy

The PCs boast camera, home theatre features

BANGALORE: The China-based personal computer maker Lenovo on Wednesday announced the launch of the 3000 Y series notebook PCs (Y300 and Y500), which make creative use of the web camera stuck on the top of the display screen. It doubles as a face recognition device.

Once the camera has captured your facial features during an initial set-up operation, it will store the details and use them to authenticate the user.

Ajay Mittal, Lenovo India's Vice President for Brand and Marketing, said the face detection technology, called Veriface, would make it unnecessary for the user to remember multiple passwords for different e-mail accounts that he/she might have.

While both Y300 and Y 500 are powered by the Intel dual core chip, the Y500 boasts some advanced home theatre features, including Dolby Surround sound, and comes with an integrated TV tuner and a 15.4 inch TFT (thin film transistor) screen. The Y300 squeezes substantially the same specifications, without the theatre features, into an ultra portable form factor, with an unusual 13.1 inch screen, and weighs 2 kg even with the batteries.

Both machines feature another recent Lenovo innovation: A slot-type DVD drive where you can slip in the media without a tray having to slide out.

The Y300 costs just under Rs. 62,000, while various versions of the Y500 range from Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 70,000.