Staff Reporter

KSEB’s proposed tariff revision

KOCHI: Industries here have welcomed the general tone of the latest proposals for tariff revision by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) before the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Convener of the Electricity Committee of Kerala State Small Industries Association (KSSIA) Shaji Sebastian said that the association agreed with the broad outlook of KSEB’s new proposals but called on the board to address certain key issues.

They want introduction of Time of Day (TOD) metering for KSEB customers with a connected load of 20 kW or above. KSEB proposes to bring only those consumers with a connected load of 50 kw or above under the purview of TOD billing. The association pointed out that electricity boards in Gujarat and Maharashtra had resorted to such TOD metering and that Kerala could follow these examples. Another point raised by the association is that twin metering system should be done away with once TOD billing comes into effect. Currently, industries maintain two separate meters for lighting and power load. The association also said that KSEB should improve on its incentive offer for of off-peak consumption to the industries.

The Electricity Board has proposed that peak-time consumption would draw 25 per cent extra charges whereas the ‘incentive’ for off-peak consumption is only 15 per cent. The small industries feel that Board should give back in ‘off-peak incentive’ exactly what it took for peak-time consumption.

Cross-subsidy opposed

The industries, both heavy and small, have been unanimous in their call against the cross subsidy that has seen domestic consumers paying less than the industrial consumers per unit of energy use.

However, representatives of the Residents’ Apex Council Ernakulam (RACE), feel that the KSEB should not further burden domestic consumers. A spokesman for the Council said here on Thursday that the Board should collect the arrears owed to it by big-time consumers and that it should take steps prevent power theft.

A public sector company, which pays about Rs. 5 crore a month in electricity bills, has made a plea before the Electricity Regulatory Commission that the Board should not raise the penalty for overdrawing of power during peak hours and that the margin of overdrawing during the peak hour should not be reduced to 100 per cent from the existing 120 per cent.