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It is powered by AMD Opteron 1000 series processors

BANGALORE: Hewelett-Packard on Wednesday announced the launch of its new ProLiant ML 115 server powered by AMD Opteron 1000 series processors and likely to cost around Rs. 35,000 at the retail level.

Tony Parkinson, Vice-President and General Manager, HP, Asia Pacific, told reporters here that the servers with AMD's second generation processors were specifically aimed at the small and medium business market, providing data security and scalability.

"We are trying to provide a server at a desktop price," he said. The servers were not just designed for speed but to provide a total architecture with top performance, he added.

The Opteron brand was a value addition. AMD India's Managing Director, Alok Ohrie, said 18 months of designing and market studies went behind the new product.

It was found that many small to medium businesses were using high-end PCs in place of servers because of budget constraints.

"AMD and HP have been collaborating for ten years now and HP markets 30 products with AMD technology," he said.

The target market verticals were telecom, oil and gas, insurance, manufacturing and other SMEs , Mr. Parkinson said.