Heavy rain takes a toll on the 82-feet high northern tower

The 82-feet high northern tower of Srisailam temple, popularly known as Shivaji Gopuram, collapsed due to heavy rain in the wee hours of Wednesday. As the incident took place at around 2.10 a.m., there was no human activity around and, as a result, there were no casualties.

Endowments Commissioner G. Balaramaiah visited the temple and reviewed the situation. He said the damaged tower would be dismantled completely and, in its place, an equally majestic tower would be built at a cost of Rs. 2 crore. According to him, the towers at Amaravathi and Mangalagiri temple also required replacement but conflicting views were delaying the process.

The tower was believed to have been constructed by Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji in 1677. The structure was renovated in 1962-65 after some cracks were detected.

  • Tower believed to have been built by Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji in 1677

  • Gopuram to be dismantled completely, new one to be built at a cost of Rs. 2 crore