London: British Prime Minister Tony Blair celebrated the 19th birthday of his daughter Kathryn at Red Fort, an Indian restaurant in Soho here, on Thursday night.

Besides Cherie Blair, Mr. Blair's sister, Kathy Blair, her husband Allan Taylor and a guest Jackie Goulding were present.

They spent over two hours enjoying delicacies including Til ki tikki (sesame cakes with potatoes), poached salmon and kurkuri machli (crispy fried Dover sole) for starters, followed by mildly spiced Zaafrani lobster, samundari rattan (King prawns), Koh-e-avadh (lamb shaks simmered in ginger, yoghurt and cashew nut) and bhindi masaledar (stir fried ladies finger).

Red Fort's proprietor Amin Ali, from Bangladesh, said Mr. Blair was a regular at the restaurant, which will turn 25 soon. Its celebrity customers include Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown and soccer star David Beckham. PTI

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