Suzlon Energy Ltd. has issued a clarification with reference to the report “Encroachment on forest land to be verified” by Meena Menon (The Hindu, September 2):

“We at Suzlon have complied with all legal provisions related with the land leased to us by the Forest Department. We are also working with the administration in the area, in trying to improve the quality of life of the local inhabitants, through various initiatives. We are happy that our gestures have been appreciated by a majority of the inhabitants of the area. It is only a few so-called activists who seek to drag Suzlon in the matter of adivasis’ land rights and are unlawfully preventing the erection of wind turbines in that area despite our having complied with all legal provisions and our goodwill gestures.

“Now that the matter is being inspected by the state administration, we are confident that justice will be done not only to the adivasis but also to the hundreds of investors who have invested in the wind turbines that generate crores of units of electricity in a power starved State [Maharashtra]. It is noteworthy that due to this kind of activism, investors are now reluctant to install wind turbines in the State, thus depriving it of the much needed electricity.

“As a law abiding corporate citizen, we will respect and abide by the outcome of this inquiry.”

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