B.S. Satish Kumar

To buy 4,000 MW to ease power crisis

  • KPTCL issued two notifications on February 22
  • March 15 is the last date to submit EoI to supply 1,500 MW

    BANGALORE: The Karnataka Government is planning ahead to meet the power crisis that the State is heading towards, both in the short term and long term.

    The State Government has invited Expression of Interest (EoI) from power developers, power producers and traders throughout the country to supply 4,000 MW of power. Of this, the supply of 2,500 MW is on a "long-term basis" while that of 1,500 MW is on "medium term".

    Two notifications to this effect were issued by Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) on February 22. The last date for submitting Expression of Interest for supply of 1,500 MW of power on medium-term basis is March 15 while that for 2,500 MW of power is March 27.


    According to the notification, the supply of 1,500 MW of power will be in blocks of 300 MW each. Similarly, the supply of 2,500 MW of power would be in blocks of 500 MW each.

    But the crucial question that State power sector is asking is whether there will be availability of surplus power in the country as most of the States, especially those in the southern region, are facing a severe power shortage.

    Energy expert K.C. Nayakwadi says that there is an availability of about 5,000 MW of power in the north-eastern region that could be transmitted through West Bengal to Orissa and then to Karnataka through the Talcher (Orissa)-Kolar power line.

    The power purchased through this process would, however, only take care of the supply beginning from late summer during May and part of June till the south-west monsoon arrives.

    No relief

    But no relief seems to be in the offing during the crucial months of March and April when power consumption is expected to reach its peak.

    However, this power will not come cheap, and much depends on the State's willingness and capacity to pay for expensive power.

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