M. Rajeev

HYDERABAD: Even as the mobile Short Messaging Service has emerged the most effective tool of communication, small and medium enterprises are still grappling with the challenge of having to send SMS in bulk to multiple recipients: It's just too expensive.

The solution offered by the Hyderabad-based Suchinfotech (www.suchinfotech.com) might change all that. Users opting for eZSMS, can effortlessly send messages to thousands of mobile users with just one click. The software comes with its own indigenously designed hardware device that is SIM-card enabled and compatible with all mobile networks in the country. The user has to insert the SIM card into the device and connect it to the computer through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. The software can be integrated with the database of the user and it has various features for segregating in terms of the mobile networks, user names or individuals.

This enables the users to get incentives offered for inter-network messaging by mobile operators as they can use separate SIM cards for sending bulk mails to the respective networks. A powerful built-in "merge" facility helps to automatically "individualise" messages across the whole database, giving a personalised feeling to customers.

The product also enables the users to stay connected to their networks. They can receive the calls while the software allows them to list the numbers they want to call in the order of priority and the device does the rest.

Suchinfotech chief M.S. Raju says the hardware and software involves a one-time expense of Rs. 12,000 and offers a rapid return on investment. eZSMS has its potential users in shopping malls, auto dealers, schools and colleges, stockbrokers, jewellery shops, and marketing or distribution agencies.

"Leaving aside the business establishments, the device can be used by schools/colleges: parents can be informed about the attendance of their children on a day-to-day basis," he told The Hindu.

He adds that the product has already received impressive response from several establishments spread across the south and the company is planning to expand its reach to the northern markets.

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