A 12-year-old-boy A. Azhagesan from Koththampatti village near Gandharvakottai has been kidnapped by a group of three persons for ransom from his residence. Though the boy, a standard VII student of a private school at Gandharvakottai, was abducted on Saturday, the incident came to light on Monday.

According to police, a group of three persons visited the boy’s residence ostensibly to give a wedding invitation to his father Arunachalam, a panchayat clerk, attached to Ariyanipatti village panchayat.

As the boy’s father was not at home then, his mother Rani invited the trio, and received the invitation assuming that they were known to her husband. After a while, the three persons sought the assistance of Azhagesan to show them the residence of another person of the locality for giving the invitation.

Accompanied by the boy, the trio left the home in the late evening.

As the boy did not return after three to four hours, his parents lodged a complaint with the police.

In the meantime, Mr. Arunachalam received a call over his mobile phone on Sunday asking for a ransom of Rs. 1 crore.

As Mr. Arunachalam expressed his inability to raise such a large sum, the kidnappers allegedly brought down the ransom demand to Rs. 50 lakh and subsequently to Rs.15 lakh.

The kidnappers asked the parents to come over to Vallam near Thanjavur on Monday to get their son ‘released.’ However, they did not turn up although the parents went there.

E.S. Uma, Superintendent of Police, said that eight special teams have been set up to trace the boy and the kidnappers.

It could be gathered from the telephonic conversations that the boy was safe, but there was no clue on his whereabouts. The parents did not suspect any person or group, police said.

Eight special teams have been set up to trace the boy and the kidnappers, says SP

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