A girl was beaten black and blue allegedly by her school principal for speaking in Telugu in the school. The principal was taken into custody by the police on Thursday.

Singuri Pavani, a fourth-standard student of M.S.M. Public School in Muralinagar here, was caned by the principal, Satyanarayana Murthy, for talking in Telugu in the school on March 6. The traumatised girl did not inform her parents of the incident.

However, she confided in her parents after they noticed some injury marks on her arms and enquired about them.

The victim's father, Poli Naidu, lodged a complaint with the Fifth Town police.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (North), B. Prasada Rao, said there were marks of caning at five places on the left arm.

The accused was taken into custody and a case was registered under Section 324 of the IPC. Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Child Rights Association, Hyderabad, condemned the cruelty of the principal on the child and urged the government to book an attempted murder case against the accused.

The association demanded compensation to the child from the school management. The president of the association suggested that the government conduct counselling to teachers against such inhuman practices.

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