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Bigger the construction, more the tariff is the board's refrain

HYDERABAD: The Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) on Friday decided to hike betterment charges for building and layout sanctions with the latter going up by almost 80 times. Layout sanctions in the Defence-dominated region were hitherto charged a mere Rs.5 per square yard but have been hiked to a whopping Rs.400 per square metre.

Building sanctions, which were pegged at Rs.100 per square metre for open plots, will now be based on a grading system. Constructions on open plots, which are not part of bigger layout-driven projects, up to 200 square metres will be charged Rs.200 per square metre, while those above 400 square metres will be charged Rs.500 per square metre.

Bigger the construction, more the tariff is the refrain.

A similar grading system will be introduced for sanctioned layouts in colonies and revenue villages under the SCB like Trimulgherry, Kakaguda and Balamrai with charges to be hiked from Rs.5 per square metre to a range of Rs.25 to Rs.150. Constructions up to 200 sq.m. will have to pay Rs.25 per sq.m. while those above 400 sq.m. will cost Rs.150 per sq.metre.

The hike in betterment charges, which have to be paid to get approvals, was one among several key decisions taken during a meeting of the Varied Board, comprising Andhra Sub-Area Commander Brigadier D.S.C. Varma and Cantonment Executive Officer V. Premchand, here on Friday.

Water connection

These included approval for the much-awaited Rs.100 per water connection scheme for white cardholders in SCB.

One of the promises doled out by Congress-backed candidates during the August elections, this scheme will be similar to the scheme offered by the State Government.

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