The public works department (PWD) is all set to realise more than Rs. 10 crore by selling around 40,000 loads of impounded sand from Sankarapuram second sales stock yard near Pazhayaseevaram.

The department, which had earlier decided to dispose of the impounded sand through auction, reportedly revised its stand on Tuesday night after realising that auctioning of sand would only result in steep escalation of prices in the open market.

In the first auction of impounded sand held on Tuesday, the bidders raised the cost per load (two units of sand) to more than 20 times the base price, ie. Rs. 600 per load, fixed by the officials for the auction.

Subsequently, after hectic discussions among top-level officials of the State government, it has been decided to sell the sand directly to the public at a price of Rs. 2,500 per load with a cap of 10 loads per person per day till the stocks last, official sources said.

This move has indirectly resulted in the government revising the cost per load of sand for the first time after it brought sand sales under its direct control a decade ago.

The government had fixed Rs. 626 as the cost per load of sand in 2003.