Vinay Kumar

“Pakistan is indulging in prevarication”

NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday hinted that a reply to Pakistan’s queries on India’s dossiers on the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks will be ready by next week.

He, however, did not rule out the possibility of New Delhi seeking more information from Islamabad on the terror strikes.

“We are formulating the answers to the questions raised by Pakistan. Many of the answers are contained in the charge sheet filed by the police, which is a public document,” he said at a press conference.

Asked when India’s reply to Pakistan’s 30 questions would be ready, he said: “When I am satisfied with the answers. I feel by next week I will be satisfied.”

“Just as Pakistan has asked some questions, in the course of time, we may also wish to seek information from Pakistan. We will see as we go along. We have filed the charge sheet, we know where the gaps are and we may wish to seek more information from Pakistan,” he said.

The reply was being prepared by the Home Ministry and it would be handed over to the Ministry of External Affairs. “Pakistan appears to have made a start in investigating the origins of the attacks. We expect it to take the investigations to their logical conclusion and prosecute and punish the perpetrators of the crime.”

To a query on Pakistan naval chief Noman Bashir’s claim that the 10 terrorists who came from Karachi did not use the sea route to reach Mumbai, he said Pakistan was indulging in prevarication. “I am sure somebody [in Pakistan] will deny tomorrow what the naval chief said. This is part of prevarication.” After dithering for several weeks, Pakistan was “forced to admit that its territory was used to plot and carry out the terror attacks.”

While terming the admission by Pakistan as a signal victory for the government’s cerebral foreign policy and coercive diplomacy, he said, “Countering cross-border terrorism is, to a large degree, a mind game. Our diplomacy has yielded results. We will back our diplomatic efforts with a high degree of preparedness to meet any terror threat or attack.”

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