On Saturday, voters gave the Piravom Assembly constituency the highest ever polling percentage since it was formed in 1977.

The extraordinary voter turnout in the 12 panchayats gave hope to both the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and United Democratic Front (UDF), with the leaders of the fronts claiming that the voter enthusiasm favoured their respective candidates.

While rewriting the electoral history of Piravom, the voters also made sure that the polling was conducted peacefully. No election-related incidents of violence were reported from the constituency.

At 86.3 per cent, the polling percentage crossed the 1985 figure of 85.45. This meant that barring the seriously ill and the thousands who were away, almost every voter in the constituency showed up at the 134 polling stations.

UDF candidate Anoop Jacob and LDF candidate M.J. Jacob interpreted the large turnout as very positive and favourable.

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