U.S regulator prohibited manufacture of drugs from Ranbaxy’s Mohali plant

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an import alert on drugs made at the Mohali plant of troubled India-based pharmaceuticals giant Ranbaxy following reports that during an inspection, a tablet was found to contain an embedded black fibre that could have been a hair from an employee’s arm or tape fragments.

In a statement posted on its website this week, the U.S. regulator said it subsequently prohibited the manufacture of drugs from Ranbaxy’s Mohali plant so far as U.S. supplies were concerned, and that Ranbaxy would remain on the import alert until it complied with standard U.S. drug manufacturing requirements. Earlier this year, Ranbaxy pleaded guilty to felony charges relating to selling adulterated drugs and agreed to pay $500 million in a settlement.

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