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BSNL's offer to landline users

HYDERABAD: The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited's (BSNL) much awaited pre-paid account card system for landline users, which is now available only for Public Call Office (PCO) telephone lines, could become a reality soon.

BSNL officials have indicated that plans are already afoot to chalk out special tariffs for the pre-paid account card, which in all probability could be implemented first in the twin cities as a pilot project within three to four months.

The existing facility of account card system for PCO telephone lines of BSNL has been a huge hit in the twin cities, prompting the officials to make efforts to introduce and extend this facility to domestic fixed line users.

"We are expecting a huge demand because everybody wants to regulate their telephone bills these days by using a pre-paid card. If the concept is introduced, then it has to be introduced to all our customers. That's why we are a bit cautious," a top official from BSNL said.

Great demand

Already, the pre-paid account card of BSNL for PCOs is in great demand with collections reaching about Rs.10 crores annually in Hyderabad circle alone. The statewide sale of these cards ranges from Rs.25 crores to Rs.30 crores.

"They are user-friendly re-charge cards available in various denominations. Apart from that, the customer can control the bills by fixing himself a set target and this also helps the customer in curbing unwanted calls," the BSNL official said.

The denominations in which the fixed line pre-paid account card for landline users would be introduced include Rs.500, Rs.1,000, Rs.3,500, Rs.5,000, Rs.9,000 and Rs.10,000.

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