They suspect the involvement of insiders in the Muthoot Fincorp case

The city police claimed to have got a few vital leads into the case of an unidentified gang having stolen 37-kg gold from the Arapalayam branch of Muthoot Fincorp on Thursday night after kidnapping two employees of the branch.

The police have not ruled out the possibility that the whole incident of kidnap and snatching of chest keys from the two employees by the gang could be a drama enacted by one or more employees of the branch. Seven persons were being interrogated by a special team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) A. Jayalakshmi.

The police are suspicious about the way they narrated the incident. Manager Balasubramanian and Assistant Manager Satheesh Kumar said they were kidnapped by the gang at different locations on busy roads in the city during peak hour traffic without being noticed by anyone.

The duo had claimed that they were left in the city outskirts in the early hours of Friday.

Besides, some of the aspects of the narration by the employees did not corroborate with the facts revealed during interrogation by the police.

The police are wondering as to why the gang that had ‘taken’ 37 kg of gold pledged under normal gold loan scheme had not touched a substantial quantity of gold, stocked under other schemes, kept in the chest.

The security personnel at the branch and the people in the vicinity had not noticed anything amiss during the time when the huge quantity of gold was said to have been taken away, the police said.

The timing of the incident — just the previous night when the Manager was supposed to have handed over the valuables and accounts to another employee after the company decided to terminate his service for his alleged involvement in allowing fake gold for pledging — had made the police suspect the involvement of insiders in the gold heist, Commissioner of Police Sanjay Mathur said.

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