Consequent upon the successful deployment of generators to maintain temperature in vaccine containers in the run up to the pulse polio campaign, the Coimbatore Corporation has planned to go in for power backups on a permanent basis.

Deep freezers

According to sources, the civic body had hired generators to power ice-lined refrigerators and deep freezers at 10 of its 20 maternity homes for seven days, starting January 17, three days prior to the start of the pulse polio campaign.

It did so to maintain the right temperature in vaccine containers, for the vaccines lose potency with the rise in temperature.

The sources said that the civic body had spent Rs. 900 on a generator a day.

And, this helped the civic body successfully carry out the pulse polio vaccination drive.


Based on the experience, the Corporation had planned to buy generators to power the ice-lined refrigerators and deep freezers.

It had hired 2 KVA generators.

It would buy generators of the same capacity but the ones that had the facility to automatically switch off after power cut.

The sources said that the Corporation would require 21 such generators – for 20 of its maternity centres and the remaining one for the storage facility at the City Health Officer’s office at the Corporation Main Office in Town Hall. The Health Committee had mooted the proposal, based on which the Engineering Wing was preparing estimates.

Once that was done, the same was likely to be placed before Mayor S.M. Velusamy for inclusion in the 2013-14 Corporation Budget.

The Corporation usually stacked polio, BCG, DPT, hepatitis B, DT and TT vaccines to meet its requirements for a month-and-a-half.

The sources added that once the automatic generators were in place, it would help the Corporation maintain temperatures for close to four days even during power cuts.

  • Civic body had hired generators for seven days

    in January

  • Corporation will require 21 generators – for 20 of its maternity centres and the CHO’s office

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