Admitting she had beaten the Class 7 boy, up, Prathima H.S., the teacher, termed it as a “one-off” incident that had occurred in the heat of the moment. “If it has happened more than once, action should be taken. I feel very sorry about what has happened and I have no hostility against any of my students.”

Late on Wednesday evening, Gowramma, the mother of the boy, called this reporter and said: “The teacher beat my son for his own good. There is no need for anybody to interfere in this.”

A group claiming to be representatives of boy’s family submitted a statement to The Hindu: “Prathima is of very good character and is involved in good activities. The complaint is a false one. Do not give too much attention to the incident.”

Enquiry to be initiated

Officials from the Block Education Officer’s (BEO) office visited the school on Tuesday and conducted preliminary inquiry into the issue. While a copy of the report has been sent to the BEO and another has been retained in the school.