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We are "true friends and partners "

  • China will remain a champion of peace, development: Hu
  • China welcomes rise of India

    NEW DELHI: India and China have agreed on the need for sending to the world an "important political message" the two countries are "true friends and partners," and committed to pursuing a long-term friendship and "working closely" for common development.

    At a function organised by the Indian Council for World Affairs at the Vigyan Bhavan here on Wednesday, Chinese President Hu Jintao pointed out that the combined population of the two countries was 2.4 billion, accounting for two-fifths of the world total.

    "The course we chart and the pace of our development have major implications for peace and development of Asia and beyond," he said, stressing that India and China had common interests in advancing "multipolarity" in the world and democratising international relations.

    Mr. Hu underlined that China did not seek "any selfish gains" in South Asia, and was ready to play a constructive role in promoting peace and development in the region.

    India-Pakistan ties

    Welcoming and supporting the improvement in relations between India and Pakistan, he said China favoured political stability and economic prosperity in South Asia.

    He was at pains to emphasise that China's intentions would remain peaceful. "No matter what happens in the international environment, China will remain a champion of peace, development and cooperation. It will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, peaceful development, and opening-up strategy for mutual benefit and win-win progress."

    Mr. Hu repeatedly said China welcomed the rise of India, and both had to shoulder major responsibilities. "

    "Act with vision"

    Chinese and Indian leaders, he advised, should "act with vision," view their relationship in a long-term, strategic perspective and "seize the opportunity" to enhance good-neighbourly friendship.

    The development endeavours of China and India were mutually reinforcing. "They are not mutually exclusive. China sincerely welcomes India's development, supports a greater role for India in international affairs, and sincerely wishes India even greater achievements in the years to come."

    Restrictive mindsets

    Mr. Hu hinted at the problems Chinese companies faced on account of the restrictive security mindsets in India. "We need to properly address issues that may arise in business interaction, take steps to remove barriers to trade and investment, and foster an enabling environment for building stronger business ties."

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