Commercial establishments in some of the city’s busiest areas, including Chandni Chowk and Sadar Bazaar, will have to show proof that their businesses have been running before 1962 if they want to enjoy relaxation in payment of conversion and parking charges announced by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation last year.

“We received a clarification from the Delhi Development Authority this week that as per the Master Plan-2021 these businesses will have to pay the charges if they don’t have evidence that they were in existence before 1962,” North Corporation spokesperson Y.S. Mann said on Saturday.

Business owners who do not have proof, which could be a water or electricity bill, will receive notices from the Corporation. If they fail to pay before the deadline, the civic body will take action against them.

“A total of 80 notices have been issued this week and an additional 300 will be issued next week. They have till June 30 to pay,” said Mr. Mann.

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