R. Krishnamoorthy

Tools designed to strengthen their grip of reading and writing

TIRUCHI: The Education Department has formulated a scientific approach to identify and classify very slow learners in standards IV to VIII in the district and carry out intervention initiative with `easy-to-use' tools, developed by a team of Block Resource Teacher Educators.

The tools, meant to equip very slow learners in panchayat union, Government and Government-aided schools with basic competency, have as their components vocabulary building measures and mathematical thinking exercises.

Designed to strengthen very slow learners' grip of reading and writing skills in Tamil and English, and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills in mathematics, the tools have been integrated into Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.

Over 100 educators will maintain a separate register of very slow learners and oversee their progress from the second week of January.

Ten to 15 schools have been allotted to each one of them.

Over 300 words in Tamil and 500 words in English would be taught. Many of the words, picked up after a careful analysis, are chosen from interesting topics such as cricket and school atmosphere, for which the students know the meaning and the pronunciation but they have to learn the spelling.

The Tools, a concise book developed by K. Selladurai (Tamil), N. Azhagusundaram (English), and S. Selvakumar and Devi Kamatchi (mathematics), have been provided to each one of elementary and middle school teachers.

It will form part of teaching-learning material.

Chief Educational Officer R. Baskara Sethupathi says that the initiative will go a long way in preventing students from dropping out from schools especially due to their inability to comprehend subjects.

Incidentally, the purpose of the SSA will transcend from `Education to all' to `Quality education to all.'

The CEO hopes that the initiative will set at rest charges and counter-charges of teachers at different levels in school education system.

While primary schools are grappling with the situation of not only educating students in dismal academic environment but also have to abide by the Government's dictat of `liberal passes' (mainly to avoid drop-outs), teachers at high and higher secondary level blame pathetic performance of students in higher classes on their poor academic foundation.

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