Can a caller tune be in violation of the model code of conduct? And does a Rs. 40 payment put you back in the good books of the Election Commission?

These questions cropped up in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation on Wednesday, when the Congress brought up the BJP councillors’ caller tune that sings “Modi aane wala hai”, referring to the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

The ‘NaMo’ anthem plays when you call any BJP councillor. According to Opposition Leader Farhad Suri this is a violation of the poll code.

“I won’t say the name, but BJP councillors have a caller tune about one person. You have been given sarkari phones and sim cards of Rs. 1,500, so you can’t have that song as your caller tune,” said Mr. Suri.

Leader of the House Subhash Arya responded by saying that the councillors would give monthly payments for the caller tune service to the corporation. “We’ll pay Rs. 40 per month for the caller tune,” Mr. Arya said.

The Opposition seemed placated for the time being, though the issue can only be resolved if the Election Commission receives a complaint.

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