Citizens of Mysore continued to shiver as the temperature dipped to 8.8 degrees Celsius on Thursday. A release from the Indian Metrological Department, Bangalore, said that this was the lowest temperature in January in the past 117 years.

This year's winter has been relatively harsh, and Mysore has been registering historically low temperatures with the deviation from the normal being minus 8.8 degrees Celsius.

The previous lowest minimum temperature for January was 11.1 degrees Celsius on January 28, 1953, while the mean minimum temperature for the month is 16.4 degrees C.

The weather forecast for the next two days indicates that the minimum temperature will be 10 degrees Celsius on Friday and 11 degrees Celsius on Saturday while the maximum temperature will be around 30 degrees Celsius.

The weekly forecast by the Organic Farming Research Station at Naganahalli has said that the minimum temperature will hover between 9 degrees Celsius and 11 degrees Celsius during the next five days while the maximum temperature will range from 28.4 degrees Celsius to 30.5 degrees Celsius.

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