Though the authorities in Kashmir have refused to “ban” some popular websites, thousands of mobile users here were unable to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on Wednesday.

“I have not been able to avail myself of GPRS services for the last one week. Now, I cannot open Facebook or Twitter account on my mobile,” said Waseem Bashir, 24, a student.

Even those using broadband services through secured connections in the Kashmir valley are complaining. Google India had recently blocked an anti-Islam video on YouTube. “Instead of banning only the anti-Islam video, it appears the entire website has been blocked here,” said Nazir Ahmad, 21, a shopkeeper.

Minister for Science and Technology Aga Syed Ruhullah, however, said there was no such ban.

Service downgraded

Various service providers here have downgraded their 3G service to 2G without warning and users now have difficulty opening email attachments and large files on their devices. — IANS

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