One person from neighbouring Ghaziabad has been detained by the Delhi Police in connection with the low-intensity explosion outside the Delhi High Court earlier this week. While he has been identified as Gulfam, the police now are on the look-out for one Nafees.

“A Delhi Police team picked up Gulfam from a village in Pilkhuwa. They are looking for one Nafees as well. But he has not been traced so far,” said a senior Uttar Pradesh police officer.

However, there was no official confirmation from the Delhi Police about the detention.

Sources claimed that the detention came following a scrutiny of calls made from near the Delhi High Court around the time of the explosion. Investigations revealed that several calls were made to Pilkhuwa and Hapur minutes after the blast from a phone which was earlier used to make calls from Nizamuddin before the blast.

The Delhi Police Special Cell then conducted raids in Nizamuddin and questioned a large number of people. It led the police to Gulfam.

The police have also procured the duty chart of the parking lot attendants and security guards at the Delhi High Court and questioned them for any information about suspicion elements loitering around in the area in the past few days.

Though the police have so far maintained that it was a low-intensity explosive device as even the car under which it was placed was not badly damaged, the forensic report is awaited to reach any conclusion on the composition of the bomb.

The police have so far not ruled out a link between the recent explosion and the blast in a car near Jama Masjid in 2010.

“There seem some similarities between the two explosions. The culprits have used ammonium nitrate, detonator and nails in both cases and both are low-intensity explosions. Both explosions could be a handiwork of disgruntled elements or an attempt by sleeper cells to assert their presence,” said a senior police officer.

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