Former MP K. Keshava Rao has apparently put on hold plans to write, what he described would be his final letter, to All India Congress Committee president Sonia Gandhi on the Telangana statehood issue.

He had dropped broad hints on November 11 that at least six Congress MPs from Telangana would resign and switch loyalties to other parties. It is understood that this assertion did not go down well with some Congress MPs from the region.

Two MPs to join YSRC?

Although they had been vocal in their demand for separate Telangana, they had not reached any conclusion on how to deal with the Congress high command.

Some were against taking up cudgels until there was some clarity on the issue. It is this doubt whether he would get the wholehearted support of the MPs, which reportedly made Dr. Rao shelve his plans to write to Ms. Gandhi.

It is believed that at least two MPs could join the YSR Congress in the near future, while others are worried as to how they would be treated in the TRS in case they defect. One MP feels that they may be denied the ticket despite switching sides.

A section in the party feels that elected representatives could wait for some more time before taking the extreme step.

They believe that the Centre will lend some clarity on the issue before the start or conclusion of the winter session of Parliament.

A senior Congress MP reportedly told some party leaders from Telangana that the Centre was looking at the option of creating a regional board for the region and according National Project status to Pranahita-Chevella irrigation scheme. Simultaneously, this could also result in change of leadership at the government and party levels.