The war of words between the Ministers from Mahabubnagar district -- Jupally Krishna Rao and D.K. Aruna -- turned murkier on Friday, with the former lodging a complaint that she was inciting people to thwart his padayatra. Mr. Krishna Rao, who is scheduled to enter Gadwal constituency on Saturday, took exception to Ms. Aruna's remarks and dashed off a letter to the Chief Minister seeking security and to prevent untoward incidents.

He separately sent a complaint to the Director General of Police drawing attention to the threats and warnings by the Minister. Mr. Rao said he undertook the yatra from April 24 for the cause of Telangana and also to win back the party cadres who were deserting the organisation.

The Minister, who represents Kollapur constituency in Mahabubnagar district, noted that all Indian citizens have the freedom to travel, live, and work anywhere in the country.

“It is unfortunate that Ms. Aruna had stated she would not allow me to step into her constituency, Gadwal, as if it was her fiefdom.” Ms. Aruna, on the other hand, accused Mr. Rao of undertaking the padayatra for personal gains. “He is not committed to the Telangana cause and is using the statehood issue to further his political career,” she said and asserted that her supporters would not allow him to enter the constituency.

The I&PR Minister was irked that Mr. Rao had not bothered to consult the party legislators or her before taking up the yatra.“This only shows that his intentions to take out the yatra were different,” she remarked.