India on Friday deployed two of its frontline surveillance aircraft in Kuala Lumpur to take part in the international search for the missing Malaysian airliner in the south Indian Ocean region. “AC-130J Super Hercules of the Indian Air Force and a long range maritime surveillance aircraft P-8I of the Navy have been dispatched to Kuala Lumpur to augment the search and rescue operations there,” a Defence Ministry release said.

Pointing out that India had pledged full support to the Malaysian government in the search operations, it said the Indian crew was being briefed by Malaysian authorities.

“Once the search areas are indicated, these aircraft will commence the operations from Saturday,” it said.

India has so far deployed six warships and five maritime surveillance aircraft to locate the missing airliner with 239 passengers on board. — PTI

AC-130J Super Hercules and

P-8I have been dispatched to

Kuala Lumpur