M. Rajeev

It develops in-house e-gaming engine

They come in single and multi-player versions

Available in 7 Indian and 5 foreign languages

HYDERABAD: There is good news for gamers. The Hyderabad-based Seven Seas Technologies is all set to launch a series of 3D games for mobile phones.

The company has harnessed an in-house e-gaming engine and will introduce seven mobile games simultaneously next month. The new games are packed with the 3D content, where you can choose your kind of vehicle when you opt for racing competitions or the hero when it comes to hunting for hidden treasure.

The games range from 3D Sudoku to Treasure Trove Hunt and Kraze, the car race. They come in single and multi-player versions and are compatible with the handsets manufactured by mobile majors Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

“Our website has already been in the forefront of introducing the first ISO certified games which is authenticated by the more than 1.3 million registered users,” the company’s Managing Director L. Maruti Sankar told The Hindu.

The Seven Seas Technologies, an independent gaming company and gaming portal with IP owned games, has developed an in-house gaming engine to power its IP games. “Our games are available in seven Indian and five foreign languages,” Mr. Sankar said.

The Seven Seas, which acquired the German gaming company Neodelight , generates gaming content that is used by major websites, including Yahoo.

"Our console games are already a big hit. Most of our users are housewives.”

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