For the first time in history, Coimbatore will have a human development report (HDR).


The comprehensive study of the industrial city's various development parameters will be ready in six moths, says B. Muniyandi, Professor and Head, School of Economics, Bharathiar University.

The School is preparing the report following a direction from the Department of Municipal Administration, which through Government Order 548, dated July 30, 2009, said it would sanction Rs. 25 lakh to study the various socio-economic indicators of Coimbatore and also four other Corporations – Tiruchi, Madurai, Salem and Tirunelveli.

Consequent upon the Government Order, the Department through a letter dated March 26, 2010 asked the School to coordinate with various government departments and complete the report in six months.


The School, however, was unable to complete the report in time for various reasons, says Mr. Muniyandi.

“The reasons include co-ordination among departments, access to data, availability of various officials, etc.”

As the study area is confined to the Coimbatore city, the Corporation's Deputy Commissioner K. Jayaraman is also actively involved in the compilation of the report.

Representatives of industries and a few non-government organisations are also involved.


Mr. Muniyandi says the objectives of the report are:

i) To examine current health facilities available in the city to address the needs of the citizen and how such facilities can be improved;

ii) To examine current infrastructure facilities available in the city to address the needs of the citizens and how such facilities can be improved;

iii) To highlight government interventions in human development with regard to social security of the city and improvements required;

iv) To examine the present environmental condition of the city and improvements requirements;

v) To construct HDR at the city level so that it may be helpful for other cities; and

vi) To identify the extent of the data gaps, if any, in the city.

The professor says such a report is necessary because it will identify gaps in various development parameters and will help the government or the civic body to channelise its resources for improving the situation.

Thus far such a HDR was available only for a country or state, barring Mumbai.


Now the five cities in Tamil Nadu will have it and based on it they can chart their future course of action.

  • To be prepared by School of Economics, Bharathiyar University

  • Coimbatore, Salem, Tiruchi, Madurai and Tirunelveli to be covered