Sunkesula barrage near Kurnool discharged 91,000 cusecs into the river by operating 24 gates. The inflow into the reservoir was around 86,000 cusecs.

Meanwhile, the discharge from the TB dam at Hospet also around 86,000 cusecs. The flood is likely to be continued for a considerable time.

The Srisailam received heavy inflows on account of flood to Tungabhadra and the Krishna, which together discharged 2.15 lakh cusecs. The level in the reservoir rose to 239 ft accounting for storage of 60 tmcft. The flood water surrounded Sangameswara temple first time rendering the temple inaccessible to devotees. Temple priest T. Raghurama Sarma said the rituals were suspended at the temple for the season. Flood from Jurala contributed 1.43lakh cusecs.