With more number of suspected dengue cases, the GVMC has intensified its efforts to prevent spread of the disease.

A total of six cases have been identified of late in the city and on its outskirts. With each case of dengue requiring a preventive protocol, the GVMC is concentrating on such measures.

The latest incidence of five cases from Arilova alone has led to the corporation taking up preventive measures there. When one woman from Durganagar tested positive for dengue, the blood samples of the others suffering from fever were taken and sent for testing.

Four of them tested positive though their condition improved with treatment.

Another case was reported from Maddilapalem, in the heart of the city.

All the cases were confirmed after conducting the MAC-ELISA test.

Even as the incidence was creating some fear among citizens, authorities attribute it to private diagnostic laboratories confirming dengue on their own.

Only after ELISA test at KGH should it be confirmed as dengue, it was stated.

Vulnerable areas

Sources said 14 areas were identified as vulnerable going by the incidence of fevers. Blood samples were being collected regularly to keep a watch on the nature of the fever. Most of the fevers were viral.

“The areas fall mostly in Zone II and III, the central parts of the city, Gajuwaka and Arilova,” said a municipal official. All larvae prevention measures were being taken, he added.

In the Arilova area , the incidence quite alarming since it came from the same area, it was found that coconut shells were kept to dry for use as fuelwood.

With water stagnating in them they turned ideal for mosquito breeding.

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