Gunman makes away with Rs. 15 lakh

An armed man walked into Corporation Bank on Chikkabanavara Road in Soladevanahalli police station limits and made away with Rs. 15 lakh after shooting a customer. Muralidhar, a petrol station manager, died in hospital later.

The shocking crime happened around 4 p.m. when the man in a cap, aged around 25, entered the bank, bolted the main door and pulled out a gun.

Threatening the staff and customers at gunpoint, he herded them into a corner after snatching their mobile phones. The lean gunman spoke Hindi and English, the police said.

Though the bank was equipped with CCTV, there was no security guard.

The gunman zeroed in on Muralidhar, who had come to deposit money, and grabbed the cash bag.

When Muralidhar resisted, the man opened fire, injuring the former’s upper right arm before wrenching the bag free. He fled even as shocked customers stood gaping. Everything was over in 15 minutes.

Stirred into action, a staff member contacted someone he knew, asking that the police be called. By the time the Soladevanahalli police reached the spot, the gunman was nowhere to be seen.

A heavily bleeding Muralidhar was rushed a nearby hospital with where he died later. Doctors there said he died of hypovolemic shock.

The police said the CCTV had recorded the crime.

No one is quite sure yet what exit route the robber took. “We are not sure whether he got help from others or whether he came on a bike or any other vehicle,” an investigation officer said.

  • The bank did not have a security guard

  • Police say the CCTV has recorded the crime

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