Transfer of funds to Janasree Mission

The CPI(M) will take up with the Centre its objections to the transfer of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) funds directly to the Janasree Mission.

Party Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat told The Hindu here on Sunday that she had sought an appointment with Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to discuss the issue and place on record the objections to his Ministry routing RKVY funds to the Janasree Mission. ‘‘The RKVY funds are meant for innovative agricultural practices. This looks like an innovative technique of the Congress to route Central funds to its front organisations,” Ms. Karat said.

The Congress, she said, was trying to sideline Kudumbasree, which was a national model for mobilisation of women cutting across caste, communal, and political lines.

Union Minister for Housing Kumari Selja had presented an award to Kudumbasree, the HUDCO award, for best practices in slum improvement through community network only the other day. The award could not have been given if Kudumbasree had not done something substantive.

“To destroy a movement such as the Kudumabsree, which has unleashed the productive energies and organisational skills of women, is nothing short of political chicanery,” she said and wondered how sectarian interests of the Congress could have precedence over the larger interests of women as a whole in the State.

“I wish to know if Mr. Pawar thought it fit to sideline an organisation such as the Kudumbasree when deciding who should implement the projects under the RKVY,” she said.

If the practice of routing funds directly to NGOs was replicated across the country as has been done in the case of RKVY funds, it would result in massive corruption. Norms were in place primarily to check such practices.

However, these appear to have been set aside so that a Congress-sponsored NGO could get Central funds through dubious means.

This would also undermine the efforts to organise women on a secular platform for the common good, Ms. Karat said.

Earlier, addressing Kudumbasree workers who are on an indefinite strike here, Ms. Karat said the government led by Oommen Chandy was neglecting the 3,000 women lying on the streets.

“These women are fighting for their rights, but Mr. Chandy has no time to meet them. The government talks about emerging Kerala, but neglects the need of poor women. It is a shame on the government. Mr. Chandy needs to be taught the basics of women empowerment,” Ms. Karat said.

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