Special Correspondent

  • Wants 3 culverts in 6 months
  • Barbed fence in three months

    CHENNAI: With a view to protecting the Pallavaram Periya Eri (lake) from encroachments and preventing illegal dumping of waste and removing impediment to water flow due to construction activities, the Madras High Court has issued a set of directions to the Government and the municipality. Passing orders on a public interest litigation, the First Bench comprising Chief Justice A.P. Shah and Justice D. Murugesan said the Public Works Department must complete construction of three culverts within six months and the Highways Department, the barbed fencing work within three months.

    The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board could initiate prosecution against any industry/contractor found dumping waste or burning garbage along the Eri. "We make it clear that it will be open for the TNPCB and the police authorities to seize the vehicles involved in such illegal dumping of waste or burning of garbage in the lake."

    Alternative sites

    While permitting the Government to take steps to remove 304 encroachers, the Judges said that it was for the Government to consider allotment of alternative sites to them.

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