Prohibitory orders under Section 144 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) have been clamped on the capital city with effect from Saturday. Criminal procedures will be initiated against individuals carrying solid waste and against those who block removal of waste by the government. The orders, issued by District Collector K.N. Satheesh, are in apprehension of an outburst of epidemics including dengue fever and cholera in the city.

Mr. Satheesh cited ‘large-scale reports from various quarters and petitions from the public’ that there was ‘uncontrolled depositing of waste because of which stagnant water in various parts of the city, especially the coastal areas, were becoming hazardously polluted.’ With the rat population too on the rise, there was the risk of Weil’s Disease or leptospirosis too.

Stating that there was reliable information that indigenously supplied drinking water had become polluted, the Collector said mosquito population and blockade of stagnant water in open drainage lines in the city were on the rise. Therefore, for the next two months, no person would be allowed to carry solid waste, both degradable and non-degradable in public places. Dumping of such waste in public places would be strictly prohibited. People were asked to abstain from blockading of open drainage lines and to remove the blockade at their own expense immediately.

The order also stresses that removal of waste by the Corporation or authorities concerned must not be prevented. The Corporation Secretary has been directed to dispose of waste properly to suppress spreading of diseases, which according to officials, meant that the proposal to fill up quarries with waste and mud would be implemented during the two months in which the orders would be in vogue.

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