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"Distress caused by diminution of water flows... will be shared by the party States"

NEW DELHI: While recommending mechanisms for the implementation of the award it gave on Monday, the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal has set down detailed directions on the setting up of the Cauvery Management Board (CMB), which in turn should constitute a Cauvery Water Regulation Committee. This Committee should have a chairman, four members and a member-secretary.

The Tribunal noted that the implementation of the final award involves regulation of supplies from various reservoirs and at other important nodal points and diversion structures.

On the basis of data

The Tribunal said: "The Regulation Committee shall ensure the implementation of the final order with the directions of the CMB to collect daily water levels, inflows and storage position at each of the following reservoirs Hemavathy, Harangi, Krishnarajasagar, Kabini, Mettur, Bhavani Sagar, Amaravathy and Banasurasagar; to ensure 10 daily releases of water on monthly basis from the reservoirs as directed by the Board... and to collect and compile weekly information about important rain gauge stations of the Meteorological department to assess the position of monsoon and keep the Board informed about the status of the monsoon."

The Board, through the Regulation Committee and with the help of the Central Water Commission and other Central and State organisations as necessary, will identify situations of distress in the basin. Distress caused by diminution of water flows during the period will be shared by the party States after the distress conditions and their extent is determined by the Board keeping in view water shares allotted to parties.

At the start of the irrigation season, that is, on June 1, every year, all the party States through their representatives in the Board shall submit an indent for supplies required by them at each reservoir site (with a capacity 3 tmcft and above) for the month of June broken in "10 daily intervals."

Storage, inflows

The Board will examine the reasonableness of the indents and order releases keeping in view the overall ceiling set by the Tribunal for the month, after determining the available carry-over storage and taking into consideration the likely inflows during the month. The Regulation Committee shall release water on "10-daily basis." In case of deficiency in water availability during a given month as reported by the Regulation Committee, the Board will consider reducing the indent of the parties in proportion to the quantities allocated to each State for the designated crops. The Regulation Committee shall keep a watch on the actual performance of the monsoon during each "10 daily interval" and report the position to the Board, indicating the extent of variation from the normal.


The Board, on receipt of such information, will consider any change in the release ordered by it earlier. Similar exercises will continue as the monsoon progresses and till the end of the water year, that is, May 31, every year. The Board may direct the party States to furnish data in respect of carry-over storage in reservoirs, including inflows and outflows, rainfall data, area irrigated and water utilised.

If any delay or shortfall is caused in the release of water on account of default by any party State, the Board shall take appropriate action to make good the deficiency.

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