In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, burglars broke into a jeweller's shop at Neb Sarai here on Tuesday night by burrowing a six-foot-long tunnel and allegedly made off with cash and gold jewellery worth over Rs.10 lakh.

The incident came to light when 50-year-old Suraj Prakash Rastogi opened “Rastogi Jewellers” in Jawahar Park on Devli Road on Wednesday morning and found the cemented floor broken and cash and gold jewellery missing.

“The burglars could not break open the locker where more cash and jewellery were kept. They took away jewellery worth over Rs. 8 lakh displayed in the showcases and Rs. 2 lakh in cash kept in a drawer in the counter,” said Ramakant Kumar, an advocate friend of Mr. Rastogi.

The burglars entered a municipal drain that passes close to the jeweller's shop, dug a tunnel and entered the shop by burrowing through the cemented floor. Though the drain is mostly covered, the burglars probably entered from an opening about 200 feet away from the shop.

“Given the extent of digging, it seems the burglars spent several days tunnelling. They had planned the burglary in advance in view of the festive season. Mr. Rastogi had made purchases in bulk and was looking forward to good sales this festival season,” said Mr. Kumar.

The jeweller knew that something was amiss when he saw his towel which he had left in the shop the previous night floating in the drain in the morning. His worst fears came true when he pulled up the shutters of his shop. Though closed-circuit television cameras were installed in the shop, but the footage could be of little help to the police as it was dark. “The burglary took place while the lights were off making it difficult to identify the burglars,” said a senior police officer.

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