No need to make a big issue of it, there could be an error: Chidambaram

The Union government has ordered an inquiry into the goof-up in the preparation of the list of ‘50 most wanted' fugitives, submitted to Pakistan two months ago, as it included the name of a terror accused living in Thane, a Mumbai suburb.

Wazhul Kamar Khan is an accused in the 2003 Mulund train blast, which killed 11 persons. He was arrested but granted bail and was found living at Thane with his family. His name figured as Khan Wazhul Kamar at serial number 41.

The embarrassment prompted the government to quickly order a probe, official sources said. The list was prepared in consultation with the Maharashtra police, the National Investigation Agency and the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram said in Agartala on Tuesday that a big issue should not be made out of one wrong name in the list.

“I will check”

“The list was prepared months ago. Just one name... whether it is the same person or two persons of the same name, we have to see. Be that as it may, if you prepare a list of 50 people, one name, assuming that we are wrong in one name, 49 are right. I don't think we should make a big issue of it. It is possible there could be an error, or there could be two people with the same name. I will go back and check,” he was quoted as saying by news agencies.

Sources in the Union Home Ministry said the inquiry would cover different stages of the list preparation and pin-point the officials responsible for including the name of Wazhul Kamar Khan in it.

“It could have been a cut-and-paste job at some stage or even a confusion relating to a name. The probe will find out who is responsible for it,” the sources said.

“Never visited Pakistan”

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Wazhul Kamar Khan said he did not know why his name figured in the list. “I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I regularly present myself in the court according to the bail conditions,” he toldThe Hinduon Tuesday. “I have never visited Pakistan. None of our family members has.”

Khan was arrested by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad last year and granted bail by a local court in August 2010. He was staying with his five children, wife and ailing mother at Wagle Estate in Thane for the past 12 years. His house is right across the Wagle Estate police station.

  • Wazhul Kamar Khan is an accused in Mulund train blast

  • Probe to pin-point those responsible for including his name in list

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