Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Civil society activists have called upon the government to convert the Golf Club into a biodiversity park.

In a statement here on Friday, Kerala Tourism Watch, a coalition of civil society activists and local communities, said the Golf Club should be wound up as all over the world, golf courses have been a major threat to local communities, primarily in terms of uncontrolled groundwater depletion. “Conservative estimates by international agencies show that an 18-hole golf course would consume 50 lakh litres of water a day, enough for nearly 10,000 families,” the statement said.

It was hardly surprising that arrears towards water charges of the Trivandrum Golf Club ran into several lakhs of rupees, it added. “At a time when the common people in the city face acute water shortage, maintaining a golf course with direct State subsidies violates principles of social justice.” In this context, the statement pointed out that the Coca Cola plant in Plachimada used to consume only 5 lakh litres of water a day.

On tourism front

The statement rubbished the argument that golf courses would promote tourism in the State. “Studies have shown that tourists visiting destinations in developing countries including India belonged to the low spending segment of international travellers. It was unlikely that they would be interested in golf,” the statement added.

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