Monetary relief would be provided Tuesday onwards to the families of those missing after the recent floods and landslips in the State, Uttarakahnd Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna said on Monday. At present, 5,748 people, including 924 people from Uttarakhand, are missing.

“We will give Rs. 5 lakh to the families of the missing. This amount is to give them monetary relief. It should not be considered as compensation because the search operations will continue even after the amount is paid.”

He refused to declare those missing as dead and said death certificate would not be issued for them. Instead, an affidavit and an indemnity bond will be issued for such people.

When a missing person is found, the monetary relief would have to be returned back to the government. But no interest would be charged, Mr. Bahuguna said.

The Rs. 5 lakh relief amount includes Rs. 2 lakh from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. The Uttarakhand government will give Rs. 1.5 lakh “monetary relief” to the kin of the missing natives of the State. But this amount might be revised in case other States are found giving a bigger amount, the Chief Minister said. The State government will open Fixed Deposit (FD) accounts for the minors orphaned during the disaster.“The State government,” Mr. Bahuguna said, “will take the …

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