Shanthi Kannan

No complicated lists of what to turn on or which button to select

Logitech remote controls are connected through Internet

CHENNAI: Today no urban home is complete without a television set, a set-top box, a DVD player, music stations, play stations and laptops. Each of these devices comes with a separate remote control. To make things simple for you, Logitech has introduced its harmony or universal remote control.

With evolving technology, the company wants to build an eco-system around different screens such as television, smart phones, power points and net books, says Ashish Arora, vice-president and general manager, Digital Homes, Logitech. “Millions of families around the world are investing in better home entertainment systems. However, each new device adds another remote to the coffee table, and another level of complexity to what should be an enjoyable experience.”

To get you to your entertainment faster, the remote offers one-button control. Instead of a complex series of button presses or complicated lists of what to turn on or which button to select after completing the online set-up, you just select what you want to do — such as ‘Watch a DVD.’ The remote will do the rest.

Other remote control devices have an intelligent chip, which is programmed for that particular gadget, says Mr. Arora. With the wear and tear of the product, the remote also dies a natural death.

But the company’s remote controls are connected through the Internet. Through the Internet, Logitech collects the model and content details of devices. It receives data such as model number and gadget names from the Logitech server and programmes them into the remotes.

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