K.V. Subramanya

Lack of blood bank in the district puts lives of accident victims at grave risk

Many injured die while being shifted to Bangalore

Plea to set up blood bank has gone unheard so far

CHICKBALLAPUR: When victims of road accidents or assault who suffer severe blood loss are brought to the Government District Hospital in Chickballapur, the chances of doctors saving them are bleak. For, there is no blood bank in the district.

Unavailability of blood for transfusion in an emergency has meant that doctors at the 100-bed District Hospital have had to refer anaemic pregnant women to hospitals in Bangalore for delivery.

According to official sources, a majority of victims of road accidents that occur on National Highway 7 are rushed to the Chickballapur District Hospital. The highway passes through Chickballapur, Gudibande and Bagepalli taluks of the district. As many as 1,697 accident victims were referred to the hospital during 2008.

As most accident/stabbing victims lose a lot of blood, they are usually referred to Bangalore hospitals after giving them “Haemaccel,” an infusion pharmaceutical that helps maintain blood plasma volume until blood transfusion is given.

Unfortunately, it may be of little use for many patients as it takes at least two hours to take them Bangalore. There have been many cases of patients dying from their injuries the on way to Bangalore, a doctor at the hospital told The Hindu on Thursday.

Hospital sources said that most of the pregnant women from the drought-prone rural areas of the district who come for delivery are anaemic owing to malnutrition. Fearing that blood loss during labour would endanger the lives of such women and their babies, doctors refer them to hospitals in Bangalore.

Though the situation is alarming, the State Government has turned a deaf ear to several requests made by the hospital authorities to set up a blood bank. The State Government recently sent a proposal to the Centre to start a blood bank in Chickballapur under the National Rural Health Mission.

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