: Even as dry spell continues to haunt the people, most of the water bodies have dried up in the district, creating water scarcity in some blocks.

The reports of Department of Agriculture, Public Works Department, which controls the system tanks in the district, reveal that almost all “kanmois” and “ooranies” have zero level storage.

The water spread areas have been completely dried. It is not only due to the summer but also due to the extended summer in June month also.

R.S. Mangalam big tank, the second largest tank in the State, big tank and Sakkarakottai kanmoi in Ramanathapuram are among the major tanks which have joined the list of dry tanks in the district. The drying of larger tanks means that there will not be even minimum quantum of water in most of the around 3,000 small ‘ooranies' controlled by panchayat administration and around 1,500 big tanks. However, a few small ponds in Ramanathapuram have around 25 per cent of storage. Officials reasoned that failure of summer rain was the main reason for the extreme dry condition in water bodies. The district did not receive the usual spells of summer rain during the last three months.

It has had its impact on the groundwater table also. The people, who use groundwater for various purposes in Ramanathapuram, have started getting saline water for the first time after several seasons. It means that the water level in the top layer of the soil, which stores fresh water, has dwindled down to a great extent.

There are reports that in spite of the implementation of Combined Cauvery Water Scheme, several parts of the district face acute scarcity for drinking water.

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